Don’t underestimate the entrepreneurial auxiliary project which may make you snatched from the jaws

if you have a APP, cash flow only for 3 months, then worship to no customers, then you have no money marketing. How about that? With the auxiliary project marketing, this is a case of death.


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Crew mobile phone application development platform

is headquartered in Canada Montreal (formerly known as Ooomf) is a software development project and short-term developers, programmers are connected to the network platform, the author Mikael Cho is a co-founder of Crew. This article comes from Crew bowen.

a year and a half ago, Crew’s face was like this:

Crew no money, no way to self willed.

and they change the mode of operation, only 3 months of cash flow deficit, did not turn over to say goodbye to the world. On sauce.

so, Crew has to find its own customers.


tragedy is that no one knows it What’s the name?.

what? You have to ask the marketing budget? Please, no money is good.

The Crew

team knew they had to stick to it and grow up. But they did not know that the long road of thorns lay before them.


blog propaganda let the crisis better, but to rely on it to win, at least a few months. Developed a reputation of the products is imperative, but also very time-consuming.

although moment dare not stop, but then Crew to survive, or need to find another way to make growth speed.

is also this time, Crew do their website home page. When choose the pictures for the home, they try again: the optional range of photo, or look bad, or the price is too high, or expensive and bad.

and Crew for a photographer, in an ordinary coffee shop framing took a stack; and home page with a photo, so finally came out many good. After repeated consideration, the team believes that there are certainly a lot of companies and many people have the same trouble as they do, so the surplus out of the photos on the Internet, as a free web material.

Unsplash was born quietly.

below is an earlier version of the Unsplash home screenshot


Crew basic to maintain the frequency of ten regular updates on the map Unsplash, while the Unsplash page links on the Hacker News. Hacker News is a collection of good resources on the Internet and support

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