Google advertising was hijacked Trojan software is an emergency rescue

December 20th news, according to foreign reports, the security company in Romania, said BitDefender, Google placed ads on its Web site was hijacked by a trojan. This trojan software replaces the text ads on Google’s web pages with different providers.

BitDefender said in a statement, the Trojan horse sent to the Google server queries to guide a false server. This fake server shows third party ads, not Google ads.

Google said in a statement on Wednesday, we have canceled the display of the user to re boot to the malicious site advertising account and the violation of our software principles to do product advertising customer accounts.

Google said that we are actively testing and revocation of our advertising network and search results to provide malware sites. We have used manual and automated means to detect and enforce these policies.

this trojan program is named after the myth of the Troy Trojan, because it can not be detected in the case of a computer system, attack Google’s AdSense service.

BitDefender virus analyst Attila Balazs said that this is a serious situation, will cause harm to users and websites. BitDefender website explained that this trojan program called "Trojan.Qhost.WU", the spread of low level, can cause moderate damage.

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