For the beginner.

often heard some words like "Wangzhuan is really?", "how much?", "how to make?", "can teach me?", "do you think I’m trying to do, a month can earn?".

from verbal conversation, you can find a new mentality: quick. Do Wangzhuan, this mentality is the most taboo, there is a saying called "More haste, less speed.", there is a word called "eat hot tofu", perhaps the most appropriate in the new body, and I have no other meaning what, after all, I am also a person, but we can’t always have such in psychology, we practice, should learn to think. For example, ask Wangzhuan is really who you thought not, Wangzhuan not really, I do it? Wasting Sai, for a very simple example, Tencent, it is also engaged in the network to make money, also belong to Wangzhuan is? 07 years earned more than and 30 billion, which is composed of small thought the example of ordinary people certainly do so, can do a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars even if it is the master.

success and efforts are inseparable, but you must learn to think, otherwise, you will want, or you pay and reward disproportionately. I registered dozens of websites, the user name I can’t remember, as the saying goes, no pie in the sky, there is no free lunch! Because most are deceptive! Don’t listen to others’ nonsense, like those who earn tens of thousands, millions of annual salary, after registration, you can sit at home and wait instead, only two hours every day surfing the Internet may make XXX and so on, most are some beautiful Huangyan, is nothing more than trying to let you go to the registration, in the end I managed to accumulate the disappeared, who pay

back to me!

Wangzhuan is not an easy thing to do, to harvest, to pay hard work and sweat, persevere, take out the persistence and perseverance, you earn money in this regard, increased self-confidence, you can also get involved in other industries. Earn 3000 monthly, earning $100 is blindly exaggerated statement. Also don’t want my friends to take a detour, spent a lot of time and effort did not earn money, but tired of Wangzhuan mood. When I see the contact Wangzhuan, so webmaster always make the number of days; so do advertising alliance earning N knife; I believe many people like me? This temptation is effective for many people, so much garbage station, there must be reasons for this. This is one reason why many people fail (I think).

we need to think about it, I just have this feeling: every time to sit in front of the computer, I have lost myself, do not stop to see the page; see the group in what is long; their website included; many included; GG today how many knives in this area and so on; what can be done. Imperceptibly 34 in the evening. Lie down and can’t sleep, but what have I done? What did not look back, actually. Maybe a lot of people have been, but it will never be the most.

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