Personal website, blog launched a new aspect of the beautiful orange Wangzhuan rebate mode

      with the rapid development of Internet, domestic personal websites have been rising, but the same type of website is more numerous, although many personal website traffic is high, but facing low income, resulting in considerable maintenance costs are from the website, posted the money to do.

      at present, the income of domestic Internet personal website mainly comes from three aspects. The first is the wireless alliance, help SP to push some customized advertising; second is the flow, through the sale of traffic to other websites to bring some users; third is through the intermediary of the advertising, advertising, in accordance with the number of hits or show charges. But these sources of income in 2006 there have been great changes.

      due to the mobile operators to strengthen supervision, the overall revenue of the wireless alliance has shrunk badly. After 06 years of rogue software around the entire Internet traffic price fell, the flow is not worth the money "has become the main advertising basically consistent rhetoric. And some advertising alliance in order to increase their income, take a lot of cheating, so that many advertisers have lost confidence in the advertising alliance. So many personal websites are faced with the dilemma of how to profit.

      Shanghai as a professional institution IDC US orange Internet, has been very concerned about the alliance between mutual win-win cooperation. The company in late August launched the rebate based "advertising alliance mode, with generous rebate for personal website traffic have the greatest value in return.

      as long as the log Orange Network Alliance site, registered membership account and through the audit, consumers click through membership website advertising website and visit the beautiful orange product consumption, is credited to the rebate program, membership can see every consumer and the rebate amount in the background.

      this is now known as the effect of billing advertising alliance model is very popular in foreign countries, especially for personal blog profitable profitable. Especially for those who wish to write Blog can also be a little income, it is very desirable.

      blog owners can put on their own Blog orange ad code on the page, insert ad pictures on the page, add text advertising links, or included in the article with the way you choose.

      of course, this network make money also has the certain difficulty, so can get the money is much higher than other forms of advertising, but this way is more easy to establish a long-term cooperation." Us orange Internet explained: how to face the problem of increasing revenue

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