A multi network business the company only have a shell glossy appearance

Shenzhen evening news reporter Jin Zhu reported large portal, personal blog, professional investment advisory network…… No matter where, as long as you click on these sites, you can see a lot of information and "Wangzhuan" related. It seems that as long as according to the "higher" information guidance, everyone can earn a lot of money and fortune. Small investment, big output, no entrepreneurs have dreamed of, found in various "Wangzhuan" information can. Can it be so? Especially for those who desire to realize their dreams of the people through the Internet, "Wangzhuan" worthy of their surrender to


"Wangzhuan" trap targeting entrepreneurs

"Wangzhuan" information is not new, since the beginning of the century since the rapid development of the Internet, "the Internet money" has become a hot topic at the time. With the increase in the number of Internet users, all kinds of "Wangzhuan" mode was developed, then the Internet wantonly spread. With the activity of capital market in recent years, we can often hear some "higher" myth. For example, the students out of school website however 20 years old became a billionaire; 19 year old girl to join the network a year villa BMW.

dull remarks died over – this is the "greatest common Wangzhuan" information. Make life money a year! "" 1 yuan supermarket, zero fee! "" gap in the market, earn 200 thousand! "" investment of 1000 yuan, a 2 million annual return! "These exciting slogans, is actually a network of investment propaganda, and street shops at the entrance of the" fire sale "essentially the same. But these bad slogans, but can be popular in the online. Not only in each big door on the streets, some "higher" information even on television advertising, to find celebrity endorsements.

now although the economic environment is not satisfactory, but "Wangzhuan" "psyche" compared to the past is ifheavier. The reality tells us that a hard work a harvest, there will never be a good thing in the sky pie.

want to join the 1 gold project? The first pay to buy products! Called "entrepreneurship, suspected pyramid

"if you don’t want to give people a lifetime to work, want to start a business, but no money, no project; if you have a traditional business experience, know the difficulties and pressure and risk of traditional business; if you want to start empty-handed career, or you are a graduating college students. It will go on for social work; if you are interested in e-commerce…… You can exchange it may bring you some new inspiration, let you embark on the road of independent entrepreneurship!

in the "Shenzhen flea network", the reporter found a such information, this is a person earns promotion posts, to the community to promote his "network business" project. The reporter through his left contact and communication, said he was graduated from college last year, struggling to work hard to find. Before the reporter to introduce his "background", he has already started selling. >

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