October 28th advertisers shopping site owners laugh and count the money

      October 28th, a new platform on-line. Billion – www.yigao.com, online advertising trading platform, a new model in the country announced the birth of.

      to launch the billion, is also under the original capital. Before the line, made nearly one million of the coupons, just in the Internet Conference on the Internet for the year of 07 to advertisers issued a total of about 500000. I heard the advertisers now every day to look at fiercely as a tiger does billion website, is preparing for a great sweep in 10.28 days to tell the advertisement billion hypermarkets.

      billion buyers are ready, the seller has also recently entered the approach. Billion to welcome all kinds of sellers into the shop.

      ready? Always ready!

      allow advertisers to be shopping, our advertising, stand the test.

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