What is the essence of Taobao customers to make money


blog to make money in the crowded sites to make money, do not the money to live, I think Taobao is the most easy to do customer money to live. Do Taobao off the threshold is low, less restrictive, competitive words can not speak aside, because no one wants to go with others in order to bone scraping, apparently Taobao guest is a piece of fat meat.

I’m doing Taobao, why I did not make money

some people may ask, "do you say Taobao G I also do some profitable, Taobao customers, why I can’t make any money?" let me tell you so many things not only in techniques in size, do not make money off of Taobao, is not lost in the input energy into time, but lost in the premise of the same method; all the efforts, people do Taobao customers earn money that is because their methods in place.

do not do Taobao off the chain, not on the role of


webmaster know, in the context of the content of the website with competitors do rankings, is the quality and quantity of the chain. Many webmaster one uses it for Taobao customers, buy a domain name tied to space, upload a source program, the human acquisition related products and embedded Taobao customer promotion code, the next step is to increase the chain work, basically he knows where he can leave a message with a link to have, and seriously left comments and links, one month down, with Yahoo webmaster tools to check, the chain ten thousand or twenty thousand, thought that it should not low income, two months down, he saw his mother from Ali management panel Taobao passenger revenue is still 0, he could not understand how, so the chain many ranking is also good, why there is no


Taobao guest website, ranked high flow does not mean that people will buy

whether it is the main keyword or the long tail keywords, the search index is not low, the rankings do up there is a flow. Taobao customers do not have the flow of income too many sites, the problem is where?. You may not know what you do to those on the long tail traffic, more than half of all competitors in search, unless they got a problem you will Taobao customers to buy things through. So, there is a high ranking flow, but can not be converted into a turnover of traffic, even if there is no big traffic is also garbage flow, there will be no income.

they do Taobao guest, earn 10 thousand is very easy to

you can ask those who earn 405 per day by Taobao customers who ask their website how much traffic one day, their answer will certainly frighten you, one day 10 IP can bring them 4 orders, because it is slimming products, generally in the 100 block to the Commission on / single, 10 IP earned $400, say, 100 IP could bring them 40 orders is equivalent to 4000 dollars, according to the shape of count down, they do Taobao off 10 thousand month is very easy.

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