Uncover the mysterious veil of Google Adsense

war clouds: the enemy, you can! But for now on the network of the most outstanding webmaster is facing such a problem.
hard for Google Adsense, the way to take money to start a glorious and resplendent, but the thing is: click on the statistical information is not timely display of rivals, malicious click fraud, suddenly one day received a cancellation account e-mail sent to Google, he suddenly confused, think about your background is not easy to accumulate the "digital", how many times you need to pay the amount of computing time, how many times you get paid the check when the imagination of excitement, now become empty.
the reason: because the Google is relative to our personal webmaster has the absolute advantage position, we did not have enough information to explain to him. Finally the pain is yourself, and as long as a title, later will be banned, the equivalent of their own lost forever as a great way to their hard earned returns.
— — — —
to painful things are not repeated, in order to China the interests of the webmaster, we summarize our experiences and lessons of Google Adsense, the hope that the mystery we opened Google Adsense. I hope that we can know, strategist, winning thousands of miles away in Google:


talk about Adsenser from a large area of Google Adsense ban cheating Google Adsense site, but to say that the ban had to start from the


there is a very awkward background, the integrity of the majority of Chinese people, especially the individual webmaster is a high demand. The gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way, our problem lies in the understanding, many people think that income is " ", Google; and in the dictionary, is to abide by the rules, so there will be from the beginning of 2005 to the current Google Adsenser story.

say when seeing so many download sites, break the site launch in a variety of Google Adsense, there is " only click the site of Google Adsense to normal download " that too much use iframe to get a more generous income in the content to modify keywords, etc.. Income will stimulate people to create, unfortunately these so-called technology since 2003 Google Adsense started early and has a Adsense Google user abuse prevention and control experience is extremely rich.

ban concept is not the first time anyone mentioned in G>

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