Owners in the community profit process often make some mistakes

now there are many webmaster experience, said his website in January by the way in which to earn ten thousand, one hundred thousand and so on, but one should not be ignored is the fact that the real money is often the webmaster muffled fortune, not his own unique cheats out. Instead it is hard to explore the profit model of the webmaster, toss over this, and began to toss that, but nothing.

in general, in the process of exploring the profit model will encounter a variety of problems, there will always be some wrong understanding and behavior, these errors may be fatal for the webmaster. How to avoid these errors, far more than trying to profit model to reality, after all, a lot of things is ripe.

1, there is a kind of webmaster, people asked "what good model do", "have what good model recommend" and other such problems. With the heel think all know, this problem is not the answer and the result, you think ah, people know the pattern can make money to tell you free, not secretly in money. So this kind of webmaster is from the station began to ask to the end, can only sigh: in the past, if so, then I now how.

2, so webmaster technology far worse than I, he is now the station every day can bring tens of thousands of IP, so webmaster I did not creative, he can earn tens of thousands a month, why not me? But when I really started to do, and do not mind, think this mode is good. But too tired, the model is also good, but the effect is too slow, it was standing still. Ma said: think about a thousand roads at night, get up in the morning to take the original road.

3, there is a webmaster, see other webmaster to do good, such as science education today, tomorrow, no results for a long time, did not really sink in the heart to think what is the basic reason for other webmaster success without their own ideas just follow the crowd.

for more than three owners of common mistakes, our simple analysis: the first kind of stationmaster which belonged to the type of people in his whimsical, lack of mind for the future, the total ignorance of success and the hope in others, the final result as can be imagined. The second kind is the lack of willpower, lack of action. Third people are not able to get down to the site, it is fundamental to know, finally successful webmaster webmaster can always adhere to.

does not allow these errors to happen again, my suggestion is to think it, and do it, think and do is an indispensable quality of any successful webmaster. Recognize their own strengths, confirm a pattern, stick to it, do not love, envy others. As far as I am concerned, although not tens of thousands of monthly income, but one of my monthly community website the income of thousands of dollars or some, I insist on the mode that community and web games combined with, and always believe in stick.

my confidence comes from iResearch data: 2007 China >

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