How to choose outsourcing and outsourcing projects

outsourcing (Outsourcing), refers to the professional integration of resources use external excellent enterprises, so as to reduce the costs and improve efficiency, give full play to a management model of the resilience of the environment and enhance their core competitiveness of enterprises. Now there are many types of outsourcing in the network, such as: service outsourcing, personnel outsourcing, software outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing, logistics outsourcing, etc.. Outsourcing is a set of conceptual terms, which actually includes a lot of content and approaches. For example, it comes from the external procurement organization to perform the activities of the service, in this case, the organization has a contractual relationship with the service provider, so as to reduce and remove the original company direct management of the corresponding activities and control.

with the popularity of the Internet, through the network to carry out a large area of outsourcing release way. Enterprises or individuals through the network organization (commonly known as outsourcing network) for news release, to attract all kinds of talent. This will undoubtedly reduce a lot of unnecessary intermediate links, but with the increasing number of outsourcing intermediary, but also makes a lot of job seekers have a network of job seekers blindness. Choose what kind of outsourcing, outsourcing and integrity of the information contained in the network, and so on, are plagued by problems. In fact, the most important thing is to choose a suitable outsourcing of their own conditions of the project. Like a $ten thousand outsourcing, lucrative, but the key is to see if you can do it.

so, how to choose a good outsourcing project outsourcing network is very important.

good outsourcing network can bring job seekers on the "paradise", bad people can live". Abstract metaphor for developing capacity space. Now, there are many outsourcing network issued by the breadth of information is very limited, but for the screening of job seekers of outsourcing projects is scanty and the release of information, to undertake the enterprise credibility is not high, often encountered after the completion of the project can not receive timely compensation of the distress situation. How to avoid the above drawbacks. This requires us to carefully select outsourcing network.

look, smell, ask, cut is the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis of the 4 methods, and the choice of outsourcing network in principle and principle, but also in common, can be used as a reference.

look at this website "flavor", "hope is". In the choice of outsourcing project site, the first to survey the site reputation, choose a counterpart, experienced project, first from the site of the qualification, scale, performance, the outsourcing business workflow and service quality of basic data. It should be noted that the bigger the outsourcing network is not the better.

in the selection of outsourcing projects, to see whether the "smell" qiweixiangtou with their outsourcing network. There are no good at their own projects. To fully understand the information content of the site.

"ask" the patient’s symptoms is the fastest way to understand the patient’s disease, and the choice of outsourcing network, the site has good communication skills, but also to consider future cooperation >

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