WEB camp WAP station owners to earn money

I began to do WEB station in 1998, when the application for the N domain name, has its own independent server, do a personal forum. At that time, WEB ads are those pop-up window, and those malicious. Never do well. Finally get married. By early 2000, WAP rise, mobile phone website popularity, I finally opened his own WAP station, are doing ringtone download, 2 blocks before 1, I used to have their own MP3 into other formats, so WAP will bring a rich income. Previously, Joyes JOYES is pretty popular in mobile phone online. Many individuals are at this time to start their own entrepreneurial journey. The advertising alliance is spotted this market have also joined the ranks. The advertising alliance is developing rapidly. Below, I will introduce, I have worked in the union.

initially, MMC alliance, charm Media Technology Co., Ltd., the first development of the WAP advertising alliance. Access to a lot of advertising to put the webmaster, but the relationship may be small, the settlement rate is very slow. Zhou Jie, customer service is also a lot of. But communication is still difficult. Large amount of buckle. The appearance is very good, often to a WAP Adsense mass advertising. But the basic skills are not good….. To the rise of another alliance. He’s winning the media. This alliance started by clicking on ads did most of the webmaster, also do send money to the principle of cooperation. In our eyes, is very good. Advertising, are very stable, up to now, I still do to win points. Daily settlement, very good.

                later, more and more soft alliance, century alliance, Empire, easou, will join the fray. WAP webmaster to divide them up, I have not yet done the century and the empire. They use their own free self built station system recruited a bunch of webmaster. But in terms of reputation, has been poor. Credit and settlement efficiency than MMC WINCLICK and easou. Then join the TATA alliance, SP business also has a new leader, TATA SP is very good, but now the user is also very smart Internet, SP are their own brush. To tell the truth, I also brush their own, is the brush, moving on the fire. Do not get into the League to do SP, since the consumer card, I bought hundreds of hundreds of sheets…. At that time, cool slightly…. A monthly income of more than 20 thousand. Alas, now put the full amount of free advertising to do, are only more than 6 thousand, or with the color of the station and the amount of the 6 stations, the normal looking for a user did not.

to the end of 07, another SP alliance on-line. Is the income treasure SP advertising, I did gain treasure advertising, customer service attitude is also very good, free advertising revenue than good. I did not brush one day, that is, rely on the reality, but also received 200 pieces a day, I do not know whether the user point, or the loss of income treasure to give, in short, the money received on the happy. So I’m now. Recommended links

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