Blue ocean program, the two phase of training on how to use SNS to do Taobao guest


"Blue Ocean plan" special skills training ( second and 1000 lecture in sixty-second 2010.5.7 20:30 in the YY platform, the voice of channel 67999 webmaster webmaster lecture room exclusive grand opening. This training will be the webmaster of the Blitz, the night landing room to participate in interactive station close to 300 people, many owners are very recognized Taobao alliance "blue ocean, blue whale program have been expressing their opinions.


invited speakers from cloud free science and technology of Liu Chang is a MM, she worked at the A5 station network, a rural girl, do not know a network of an outsider, is on the network for a month to spend hundreds of thousands of advertising, what one does not understand, but the girl is very willing to learn, in the guidance of the teacher, also a monthly income of million. One does not have a website, but do not have a lot of money to do with Taobao SNS revenue, this time she also shared their experience through training seminars.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership exceeded 3000, 5 500 people crowd almost full, only a small number of seats to be added, no publicity. New open six groups (500 people) are interested in Canada, group number: 47595511. This group by the way of public learning, not for any learning costs, but because the group number is limited, there are currently six 500 places in the crowd of the group VIP group only to highlight the performance of the letter to a group of friends to join the group.

now you can log on to the registration belongs to your YY account to choose the room channel ID:67999 into the master lecture, the voice of the District, and many webmaster communication.

is the following training record

Liu Chang: in fact, for the network to make money, I know this is the way to make money online is also a hierarchical.

I think Wangzhuan is divided into four levels;

one is the advertising alliance, the top

two is e-commerce, the second layer

three is the service industry e-commerce

fourth layer is brand advertising

I explain, Pyramid arranged to make more money, property owners advertising alliance is for others to do the wedding dress, advertising alliance 80% is e-commerce provider advertising. Therefore, advertising alliance webmaster is the wedding dress for e-commerce business. Taobao is the minimum threshold of traditional owners into the electronic commerce, because there is no traditional owners set up E-business Department of their own, a home network is the best example of a day in advertising are tens of thousands of, major navigation network has an advertising Taobao crown shop". Only that he is profitable, you can double the copy, cast the navigation station, for ordinary webmaster should do at least one like a guest navigation page that>

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