Anonymous Entrepreneurs want to make a few complaints in the entrepreneurial circle!


anonymous entrepreneur, is a series of Pandodaily launched a week, from the founders and investors in the start-up, investment process first-hand experience. This issue is as follows:

as a self-employed person, I have to make a few big complaints about entrepreneurial circles here!

1) no one, a group, a venture capital firm, an investor, an organization, a book, or a theory can answer how to build a successful company.

otherwise, we’re all millionaires, and we’re not going to start a business.

2) flourishes does not exist.

yes, you may have heard about the success of a company last night, but believe that the reality is that they’ve been struggling a lot longer than you think.

3) no business is the same, including your competitors.

is not exactly the same as two eggs, on the earth, no one is exactly the same. Everything has its own unique side, even a little bit of difference between you and your competitors, will let you get the upper hand. But the question is, how do you focus on something different?

4) entrepreneurship is not taught:

as an entrepreneur, you will make mistakes and learn from them. No one will tell you how to start, someone will give you some advice, teach you some theory, but in reality, entrepreneurship is like a child growing up, no matter how many times parents told you not to touch a hot pot, but unless you really meet, know never to touch.

5) adaptation and adjustment is the key to success:

the biggest problem of entrepreneurial failure, often not creative ideas wrong, but not enough execution. Test the market, test the product, improve the product. If you don’t believe me, listen to what Edison says, "I didn’t fail ten thousand times. I didn’t fail at all.". I can find the way to success when I’m out of the way."


do not care too much about the above five points, this is just an entrepreneur to share with you some ideas.

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