Li Jing a female product manager tough confession

she’s a product manager’s man. Her cornered is embodied in the 3 sentence:

1, I do not know the company needs a lawyer, financial and accounting to separate I do not know. I have always thought that a person can, in fact, many are from the lessons to learn, we can go today is because the product is good enough, people are passionate enough.

2, I found that the original research products are not necessarily only experts can do, as long as you have needs, and you believe that their needs can be turned into a product, then you may create another value.

3, I have no money to do good things, the more money I have the more strokes, but do not know how to do things with money. I am "cornered" person.

= cross-border dividing line:


oral: Li Jing Oriental popular media group chairman, the famous host

"I am cornered type

". This is the Oriental popular media chairman Li Jing’s tough quotations. A browser is even not know what white, but with "cornered" reached the electricity supplier in the field, personally developed explosive products, including cotton, 4D multilayer mask etc.. In the Li Jinggang entrepreneurship programme, "super visit" is also to subvert the orthodox style of CCTV, to blaze a new trail cornered way.

Li Jing, not just cross the queen, not just the host, it is the product manager of the female man, her product is the manufacture of the consumer can not refuse the secret. In December 14th, the president of micro innovation camp on the seventh phase, Li Jinghua 2 hours in detail how to "cornered" spirit product. The following is Li Jing oral:

do not understand the browser’s small

one day, "win in China," Wang Jiang and Li Xiang to our company, they are doing the Internet, and I biased media. Because I have a few assistants are particularly beautiful, they took the opportunity to open a morning meeting in my office, has been in a meeting, suddenly referred to the browser. I asked what is the name of the browser, all of them are big mouth. I don’t think it’s too much, I know the word "browser", but it’s not important to me.

I asked if the browser was able to get on the Internet, and they said yes. They are particularly bad, but also made micro-blog said I do not understand the browser, I also share the circle of friends, the results of my 70% friends and friends do not know the message. Some people may think that I do not even know the browser, it is certainly not qualified to talk about the Internet, but I think this is just a fun insight. Because for a real user, although he has been in use, but do not need to know.

Oriental fashion was originally started by a few imaginative directors, was only interested in doing the show, to develop into 3 companies today. The media is responsible for the production of television programs, as well as the star Master brand Le bee network. Le bee network was established in 2008, the main female cosmetics electronic business platform. 2>

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