The five elements of T enterprise employee

Innovation: enhancing competitiveness. The innovation advantage of IT enterprise is the innovation consciousness and ability of human resource. The success of the IT business to the requirements of the general requirements of more than 30%, in order to maintain sustained innovation strength, and make the technological advantages into economic advantages. IT enterprise is based on the extensive use of modern scientific and technological achievements, through the high R & D investment, knowledge development and accumulation, the creation of new technical ideas and ways. With the development of high and new technology, the speed of the evolution of the technology system is accelerated, and the development and growth of the economy is accelerated. Therefore, adequate human resources of technological innovation is the fundamental of the virtuous circle of "innovation benefit re innovation" of IT enterprises. IT enterprise human resources development should pay more attention to people’s creativity and initiative.

?? multi functions: reasonable personnel structure. The industrialization of high and new technology is a dynamic process, which includes at least three aspects: the basic research of high and new technology, the invention and development of high and new technology, the development and popularization of high and new technology products. The three link independent and interrelated, to realize this process, not only need to be able to enter the forefront of science and technology scientists, and need to have technological innovation ability of the inventor; not only requires to master modern science and technology, and must understand the business management; it should not only engineering problems continue to overcome the economic and social development in a variety of complex, and good technical achievements through continuous market society. Therefore, in the IT enterprise must have the scientist, the inventor and the popular science education three aspects human resources union.

?? growth: self perfection. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology and the increasingly fierce competition, the requirement of self perfection is stronger. IT staff because of the environment and education etc. many factors, most of them have a high level of knowledge, have proficiency in a particular line; have more choice opportunities and conditions, also have higher demand levels; very strong sense of self, cherish their independence; hope that through their work performance and to get the status of spirit and material satisfaction, through a creative and challenging work to embody its own value. They are concerned about the latest developments in the international community and technology, access to information and the ability to access multiple channels, sensitive to capture the possible development opportunities. The characteristics of human resource group structure of IT enterprise, incentive management of human resource requirements, should pay attention to the staff’s professional expertise, respect their personality development, optimize the allocation of human resources to strengthen the emphasis on motivate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of staff. These are the strategies of IT enterprises to develop human resources.

?? mobility: sensitive smell. Any enterprise is facing critical customers (Customer), 3C (Competition) and rapid change (Change) operating environment. The IT enterprises are facing the survival of the competitive environment, these three characteristics are particularly prominent. Technology >

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