Search engine brings huge business opportunities

Zhang Jiming, the United States and Jinhu Antwerp Automation Instrument Limited company manager, the original business is not good company income after the search engine optimization on the company’s website over three times than before.

Zhang Jiming said: "I asked people to redesign the company’s Web site, making it easier to search by the search engine. Now my site has been able to top 10 positions in Google and Baidu ranked. After the optimization of the company’s Web site than before the optimization of a total of 1000 times higher than the company’s telephone contact has become a hot hotline."

for Zhang Jiming, he believes in maintaining the company’s top priority in search engines. Every day he takes time to pay attention to his website, "if the rankings, I will let people modify the site, try to make it back to the front position." In addition to search engine optimization, Zhang Jiming also encourages customers to post in the forum or in their own blog to evaluate the company’s products and services quality. Zhang Jiming said: "the guests on the Internet to bring us great publicity, their evaluation is the most convincing.

Zhang Jiming through the network to promote the company’s inspiration from the network push hands, Yang Jun (pseudonym old wave). He studied Yang Jun how a successful dancer Qiang girl, after packing into a regression copycat maiden, Zhang Jiming felt the same methods are used to the company he ran on.

after a "careful planning", Zhang Jiming hopes to create a gimmick such as "the most nostalgic Chinese company", and turn the company to the public through the forum, self hype way. But the idea was quickly rejected because he found the company and the stars are different. This package will make consumers suspect and rebellious, at the same time, the characteristics of such publicity will cause the company to lose the civilians.

later, the company is worried about their own propaganda Zhang Jiming, on the Internet to see a search engine optimization (SEO) introduced. Zhang Jiming found that the site to improve traffic, in addition to relying on self hype in the forum, packaging fame, there is a very important way is to search engine rankings. If you can do your site search engine ranking in the top 10 in the mainstream, is displayed on the first page of the search page, it means that will be most people need these products to browse, and for this company is half success. After the optimization of the site traffic did not let Zhang Jiming disappointed, SEO a lot of methods, suggestions on the promotion of the site played a role.

Lee is a frequent visitor to Jinhu, he told reporters that the reason to choose the company because it is ranked on the Internet search. "Three months ago, my colleague’s friend needed a pressure gauge. I search through the Internet, and soon found that the company has a more suitable pressure calibrator, the company’s product quality and service attitude, I think this company is commendable."

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