Yiqifa Monroe underwear 08 Valentine special section 1 yuan kuangsong activities start.

everybody webmaster good:

Monroe underwear 08 Valentine’s Day special section of $1 crazy to send activities started!

activity time: 08-1-15 to 08-2-15

activity page: http://s.menglu.com/active/080111-yiyuantiyan/080111-yiyuantiyan.htm

content: ordering goods in Monroe online membership in the 08 years between January 15th and February 15th, as long as the amount of orders over 50 yuan (not including the use of coupons, users) can experience plus 1 yuan from a price of 128 yuan of three sets of passion lace underwear activities necessary to pay attention to is: a order a limited selection of 1 yuan and 1 yuan of goods goods activities simultaneously with other preferential activities.

this event is designed for 08 Valentine’s Day special, the relevant code has been updated, welcome to the owners to collect.

latest promotional information:

spring underwear special preferential one yuan price: http://s.menglu.com/active/071229tihui/071229tihui.htm

Yves at the end of 90 percent off: http://s.menglu.com/active/071025enweis/071025enweis.htm

sell discount surprise delivery

Chilil underwear 60 percent off sell pearl powder set: http://s.menglu.com/active/071220chilier/071220chilier.htm

winter professional underwear 39 yuan: http://s.menglu.com/active/071227sushen/071227sushen.htm

new year fairy underwear surprise 10 percent off purchase: http://s.menglu.com/active/071214venies/071214venies.htm

Manifen Valentine’s Day lingerie to buy a send one: http://s.menglu.com/active/080111maniform/080111maniform.htm

single product recommendation:

at the end of the weight of the tribal special plastic pants recommended 48 yuan: http://s.menglu.com/merch/4ji/4ji.asp? Pid=01080469

not only sell 1 yuan high elastic lace corset belt: http://s.mengl>

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