To explore the reasons for the failure of Top20 business with 32 companies

financing, acquisitions, major product updates, either intentionally or unintentionally, the media seem to focus on business circle bright shell. The life is short the failure of the venture is like a grain of sand is no sound waves into the sea.

lesson, teacher. Foreign Venture Service website ChubbyBrain in 2010 had 32 companies failed to conduct a detailed investigation of the visit, and finally sort out the reasons for the failure of Top20 venture. This paper is composed of 36 krypton compilation.

is the 20 cause of business failure overview:


Top 20 entrepreneurial opportunity is not

economic environment and market segments of the market maturity is the indicator of entrepreneurial opportunity. A typical example is the 2010 venture. At that time, 08 years of economic crisis has not yet subsided, the investment and financing environment from 2009 began to decline on the cliff like, the most important is that consumers (i.e. C end startups target customer groups) purchasing power decline. Under the background of the great depression, the franchise of the art trade website Untitled Partners is one of the combat encounter multiple start-up companies, and ultimately powerless. Untitled Partners also made a summary of the failure of this year:

our market judgment is based on a number of articles in the Wall Street journal and the New York Times, as well as the reference to the". One of the central conclusions of these articles and data is that the art market is cyclical and has a low correlation with the S & P. In the long run this conclusion is true. But in the current environment, there is still a strong positive correlation between the two. As a start-up company, we can not wait until the emergence of anti cycle. In addition, the decline in the purchasing power of ordinary works of art, we also did not take into account the variables.

19 always want to start as a part-time

to retain the existing work, to ensure a stable source of income, in their spare time to start a business. Obviously, many entrepreneurs will think this is the most safe and early start of the practice. Suffer startups Overto can not think so:

we thought we could make use of our time to develop our Internet service. Yes, indeed, if we are lucky enough, the server does not appear at the same time a mistake. And when there’s a problem with our infrastructure, things aren’t as good as we expected. Our team is not a full-time employee, after the server there are institutions hang up in our work time, always can not solve the problem, hang up several times. You can imagine the impact on the brand and user experience. To make matters worse, since we spent too much time on problem fixes, the development of new product features

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