Earn thousands of dollars is not a dream!!!


webmaster is that their website has a few IP, why not for their own money, every update hard, hard to each big BBS to send advertising post, hair being removed, remove the hair again, very tired?? Ha ha… Because I went through a stage like this.

later I do not want to make a new flow of money! IP fixed at about 5000, in the good things to profit. Due mainly to the network of funny pictures funny pictures as the theme, now picture website can be said to be very difficult to make money, when the front SP boom can be put to write film code, also can earn tens of dollars a day, not now, nor ringtones what is done, a yuan of money. After study this module to do feel free free is good, I can earn 70 a day when the highest song to 80 yuan, of course, sometimes only a few dozen yuan. Now the song I will not introduce many of the league, and because I don’t have the amount deducted. Know what is more kind, the brothers do not complain, they also want to eat. I think the League sometimes you put the official song code there, although very few people will go to click. Your station is, but users do not acknowledge. Hey… Friends also is a person, you may be attracted to their mouse with a warm words: take a minute, free hand songs for the hearts of his (her)   not only with this sentence, we can think of ourselves this song. I was an independent site, I applied for a www.diange.org.cn Oh.. but at least diange meters of garbage, and also in line with the theme of how users know what kind of M? He only knew diange, mind is really a special song site, when he put down the site collection, you send it. Hehe. You will think of this station when he boring when want to song. As the song, really don’t need your mobile phone so they still would be happy with the!

to do a special advertising site. Good publicity, although perhaps only 500IP, but as long as the quality of IP will certainly have money to earn, 500 people stand on your little song!! Each person to submit a time, the 500 is the 500 time..500 received the message, there are 50 broadcast number… You made it

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