Reflections on the reduction of Adsense clicks

the last 2 days, Adsense publishers have found Google Adsense click greatly reduce what is the reason? Based on the observations of Adsense (traditional) on the article, said the country has received the Adsense part of the webmaster group "on email can reduce advertising click the area". We believe that the purpose of Google is to protect the interests of advertisers, but it will inevitably lead to our webmaster advertisement clicks reduced, advertisement clicks greatly reduced and will lead to a decrease in total revenue. If the number of clicks is reduced to half the original, then the total revenue is likely to be reduced to half.

in fact, according to my observation of several sites, the actual number of clicks to reduce the number of ads is not only less than half, from the previous 2% of the ad clicks to reduce to 0.8%, revenue decreased by nearly 3/5. This depends on the advertising alliance for the survival of the webmaster is undoubtedly a major blow. We repeated the test found that the 336*280 ad unit as an example, before the whole rectangle can click, and now only the ad title and URL can click, even advertising can click on the comment text, don’t even say no words don’t empty area.

, however, this is in line with the laws of the market, sooner or later will do so. So in this case, how to adjust it?

first, let the site do not simply rely on advertising alliance and gain is the best idea. Previous advertising publishers have done such a poll Google Adsense accounted for the percentage of your site’s total revenue, in fact, tell us that simply rely on Adsense is not enough. A few days ago ginkgo childe said to me, his membership fee site has been basically on track, and there are a few papers plus DX website, it doesn’t need any ads, many rely on the website is better than the general income money advertising. Let the site in addition to advertising alliance can also be profitable, is indeed a good way.

then do advertising alliance can not only do a lot of people, currently only in the website put Google ad code, although from Google Adsense’s revenue is generally greater than the other advertising revenue sum, but to put in some Baidu Union, Ali mother and keyrun Lianmeng, the product is also very good. This income is better than a single Google earnings. Although the current domestic price of the union is not how, but a 10 thousand IP or so, do the other Union down a month is enough money.

finally, changes in the Google Adsense, I’ll provide some of my way, one is to adjust the position of the Adsense unit, a lot of friends before the 336*280 ad unit is always on the top right corner, now can be put on the upper left corner, which is recommended by the ADSENSE group. >

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