Everyone in the venture capital, and he was afraid to take investment

entrepreneurs do not need to have so few curry favour by claptrap, low-key down-to-earth entrepreneurs in quietly to return on the entrepreneurial impetuous".

second, we visited a B2B company, 2B company and the other is not the same, it is beautiful and will make money! We all know, 2B, not in the brand and the influence of the above 2C, so it even sold millions of tickets is unknown to the public.

today, we’re going to find out about the company’s story, and talk to its handsome CEO.

third station

"the CEO likes to look at the data to make money!"


Shidishimei in Shenzhen third, Capitol micro news

even in Shenzhen, known as the "entrepreneurial practical" of the city, there will be two people: a day to promote their cattle, the tiger was Yijingyizha, but the real contact but found so; another in communication especially when they usually do something modest, low-key, familiar with after the discovery of his silent and made many achievements, the more the more contact width.

today, sister to introduce entrepreneurs is undoubtedly the latter. Before you know, sister heard his friends: the entrepreneurial low-key humble, very willing to share ideas with you. Sister suddenly felt a little hidden in the wild city "feeling, after knowing is that his views in terms of entrepreneurship worth drawing.


is the toss, big night let the founder took us to visit

Pan Zibing, Guangdong, Xingning, after the 85 entrepreneurs, Shenzhen micro Communications Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Mi Investment Co., Ltd. CEO. Founded in 2011 micro news company, founded in 2015, MIQU m investment company. Both handsome and strength!

The process of

and pan Zibing chat, sister found seemingly this is a grass-roots entrepreneurship old-fashioned inspirational story: call the ticket to the first pot of gold in the accumulation of housing and peasant brothers, oppressed by competitors, despised, unremittingly, until today… But… To write is certainly not the sister this chicken soup, but I want to write Pan Zibing’s qualities to explain some things: not everyone can be successful entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success is a very difficult thing (serious face)

too much money to start a business is not necessarily a good thing

because the money is more to spend money than to make money, "

Pan Zibing founded in 2011 micro news brand, simply talk about micro news of this company, it is a business based on scenic spots, tourist routes, hotels, visas and other travel services for the direction of Online Travel > B2B platform to create professional

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