Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors vote

a few years ago, the entrepreneurial boom blew the valuation of the early projects, the public’s desire for entrepreneurship and worship to an unprecedented height. And now more difficult financing start-up companies, O2O companies frequently face death, the capital of winter, the topic is full of major technology media.

in the first quarter of 2016 is not over yet, the U.S. venture capital circle has flooded more negative market signals:

· from the point of view of start-up companies, following the 15 years since the collapse of Evernote, more Unicorn (such as Dropbox, Gilt, etc.) gradually decline;

· from the digital point of view, the valuation of venture capital companies are undergoing a substantial adjustment: professional social network LinkedIn market value evaporated by 40%, big data company Tableau market capitalization is only half of the original;

In addition to this, the famous investor Mark Suster interviewed 150 active investors. The survey consulted the attitude of these people on the 2016 venture capital situation, of which only 18% of investors are optimistic about their attitude, while the 82% are in the form of venture capital in 2016 expressed a degree of vigilance and concern.


pictures, data sources Upfront VC attitude survey

this article in view of the current situation of the North American venture capital, listed and in-depth interpretation of some of the reasons may lead to the capital of the winter, and explore the opportunities for investors to invest in this case.

capital winter is how to generate

capital is difficult to use a single winter or theoretical explanation. Here is one of the main reasons for the introduction of a large number of industry "passenger" participation.

traveler (tourist), the literal meaning of a good understanding, that is, the industry in the short to join the crowd. This industry "traveler" in entrepreneurs and investors in the existence of.

"traveler" entrepreneurs, namely with the trend of the public to join the venture entrepreneurs, many of them may not create a great enterprise, but to a good situation to do a large. There’s not much to say here.

"passer" investors in the past few years, with the economic growth and the rise of emerging investors. These investments are high net worth individuals. Because of the potential for high returns in early investment, they have started investing in angels, even if they are relatively limited to the company’s technology and business models. They joined the congregation raised platform like Crowdfunding, or participated in the Angel Club, but in common is a lot of money will be invested in venture capital projects. In addition, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates near zero, and at the same time increased monetary issuance, the implementation of quantitative easing, which makes the traditional common, hedge fund

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