A station finally made itself the most failed case in the history of Chinese entrepreneurship!

Abstract: the financing side does not bring too much resources to the A station, bringing only endless changes in management personnel. No wonder netizens ridicule, A station in the nine years do only two things: hatch Betta created B station. Compared with the frequent financing action, its development does not.

believes that "seriously you lose" barrage video site AcFun, finally made their own most failed domestic start-up companies in the history of the case. Recent Acfun chairman and CEO Mo resigned, and this is about half a year from his office announced the appointment. This is another time this year, for personal reasons to leave the A station chairman. At the same time, the new chairman took over by Li Bin, former chief editor of A station took over the new CEO.

AcFun with the change of the CEO

amount, the relationship between the characters look a bit complicated, or let us start to deal with this one of the Internet cafes in a bit of confusion.

data show that around 2010, A founder of the Xilin station to 4 million yuan sold ACFUN to the current CEO Chen Shao Jie Betta in A station, wantonly rectification video website, introduce all kinds of game live, conflict with the capital side. Subsequently, A station and later sold to the head of Yang Xinmiao, the original company Mobile Games Jinghe keystone founder, publicly reported called from the Shandong merchant family, is a rich two generations.

2014, Austrian flying animation shares A station. But not the Austrian flying animation companies to invest, but the Austrian flying animation chairman, the actual controller Cai Dongqing personal investment. In addition, Cai Dongqing Chen Shaojie is also the paradise angels.

by the end of 2014, had been silent Youku potatoes and A station began to negotiate copyright issues. In March 2015 three the station sued A for infringement, the A station in the name of former executives jingfangxingju about 1 months. August Youku potatoes shares A station, is said to be the original shareholders to sell 18% shares of A station. Then A station also ushered in a new executive team. When CEO sun min, editor in chief Liu Yanyan, vice president of products Zhang Xia.


soon A station to the next wave of change. In January this year, announced the acquisition of $60 million of financing from Softbank Chinese at the same time, Moran also became the A station CEO. In the United States who participated in the marvel line theme park construction 80, became the sun min after A station new leader.

The original

CEO sun min will be the new president, responsible for the commercial expansion. Another key figure Wang Wei (PT) took over most of the powers of the hands of the hands of the hands of Zhang Xia and.

drama reversal of the Austrian flying system Jedi counterattack

Liu Yanyan in the know to be friends with the "five fire", "Liu Wuhuo said," two dimensional characteristics of two very code. With dazzling to describe Liu Yanyan over the past few months the occupation of ups and downs, but also appropriate. Before taking office CEO, he is the person in charge of the homemade A Station –

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