8848 mobile phone whose cheese

is close to the end of 2016, HUAWEI Mate9, Jin M2007 launched the domestic mobile phone million high-end warfare. The first launch of mobile phone 8848 yuan titanium titanium mobile phone accident in the gun, unexpectedly.


as a result of Hongkong and the mainland team titanium standard is different, the 8848 language is the Chinese association. Subsequently, 8848 came forward to clarify the fact that the community is willing to accept supervision. The original is a simple annotation problem, as the explosion was like Samsung, sparked great interest in the media, social media to badmouth the 8848 big mobile phone V, there are a few people used 8848 mobile phone? Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the 88 million 480 thousand yuan mobile phone in the end who moved the cheese


8848 why accidentally shot in the


for 8848 phones, I believe a lot of people do not understand. In July 28, 2016, Beijing Everest company in Beijing released the first 8848 titanium mobile phone price 9999 yuan. Who dare to rob the quality strategy of the domestic mobile phone headlines, playing the "price war" with apple? This million mobile phone sold? With all sorts of doubts, open door (maoqiying2008) with 8848 mobile phone CEO Mr. Du Guoying. In July 31st, open door (maoqiying2008) wrote an article entitled "domestic million mobile phone sold?"


article has been very detailed interpretation of the reasons for the introduction of 8848 mobile phones and market positioning. Du Guoying gives five reasons to prove that the success of the 8848 mobile phones in the Chinese market to be successful:

1, international, the ultimate luxury mobile VERTU brand is a reference".

the average price of the phone in about 100 thousand yuan. In the past 10 years, VERTU global sales of 300 thousand units, an annual output of about 30 thousand units, currently has a total of more than and 80 stores, while China accounted for about half.

2, 5000-10 million price with blank

in the domestic mobile phone market, a large number of brands in the competition between 500-1000 yuan, which is a huge threshold for domestic mobile phone. Because there are numerous brands crowded here to fight. However, between 5000 yuan iPhone and $100 thousand Vertu, there is a lot of market space. Moreover, in such an interval, almost no brand.

3, the emotional appeal of the middle class

New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong said in the global innovation forum 2015 conference in April 23, 2015, "I think Samsung is bound to fail, I became a loyal user Samsung five years, finally found a mobile phone is not my identity". That is to say, up to now there is no cell phone can completely meet the function of these people

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