Content entrepreneurs are facing what kind of new users who have a greater appetite

between high force and folk down to earth, between highbrow and popular literature or art, there is a huge transition group, this is the countryside to city in the process of the product, with the current Internet on people’s time effects of fragmentation, the content of entrepreneurship is facing a new huge user group, and these users need is not only simple, cold entertainment information, they want more.

grab users essentially grab time

commodity shortage, enterprises are responsible for the production of goods can be produced, because can be sold, with the continuous development of economy and the products are gradually rich, enterprise must to successful marketing mode are given in the product, can be successfully sold to the hands of users, this is a transitional product and economy marketing economy, to the age of the Internet boom, everyone can start, more and more competitors marketing has become more and more important.

in the content of entrepreneurship in the field, more and more output, the user’s time is limited, so users can only be within a limited period of time to make a choice, for entrepreneurs, snatch users, almost equivalent to grab the user’s time, since then, a large business opportunity we can get is: for users to save time, so that users can get the most valuable content in the shortest period of time, it will become a major market content of entrepreneurship.

you have to do is the content of the


what is the operator? We are familiar with the three operators: Mobile Unicom Telecom, they do what work? They live behind the station and so on a series of high technology with dry, but is provided to the user card, buy a mobile phone, dial a number, pay a fee to be able to achieve it this is convenient, so what is the content of the operators, operators? The user needs something to one of the most convenient way to provide for this, behind all the tedious by you to bear. This is a recent thinking in the history of Luo Ji mentioned in the program, but also entrepreneurs can adhere to an accurate market.

emerging user groups need not only a huge attraction they also value the value of

in the content of entrepreneurship column, "status to attract users to the eye" is an important, but if you just blindly "eyeball" no value, get these users will get the user clicks and contempt, as if the price will indeed attract the majority of users, but ultimately failed they live in the heart, can keep the user or "quality, value" thing, and this is also the content of entrepreneurs need to be vigilant.


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