Cosmetic makeup VS red net net and fish say!

"I’m Papi sauce, a woman with talent and beauty." Hear this word, we believe that the first picture in my mind, it should be a pretty girl, talking in the video. Yes, this is a girl with Papi sauce, now known as the "Red Net" title. She is a model and example of the content of entrepreneurs, by broad netizen called "walking 3 hundred million", especially recently in the July 11th broadcast, really let her more fire, but there are also netizens expressed disappointment, without any "cosmetic" content and Papi sauce itself has been questioned, from the market point of view, Papi sauce is now in expansion period.


Papi as a network of red sauce, influenced by the social and mixed views. Papi sauce in a short video, talking about the topic of the speech is very closely follow the trend of the times, down to earth, content let the audience have a strong resonance, and self expression and retractable black free personality more easily attract the attention of the audience. These two advantages so that she quickly achieved success in the content of entrepreneurship, access to a about twenty million investment. However, in the evening of July 11th, she did not show any "cosmetic" performance on the live video, but the audience questioned it. First, her live broadcast on multiple platforms. Because before Papi sauce is in the short video, and now live in different ways in the short video mode, which will make the audience feel at a loss; secondly, Papi sauce voice changed, the audience is not adapt to this change; thirdly, her delayed adverse effects produced; finally, her lack of presence strain capacity.

Papi sauce of the accident, is tantamount to a fantasy overnight fame, promoted to net red entrepreneurs entrepreneurs content slap, pulled them back to reality. At the same time also taught them a truth: "Red Net" growth path is not so easy. Net red is a trend in the current society, the content of entrepreneurship is the current market outlet, we all know that even the pig standing in the air, but also to fly up. However, the content of entrepreneurship is not as you think so simple, now the society was not the lack of information, only good content, popular content can be the wind to blow up, such as Papi like Papi sauce sauce, but without incubation the contents of the training of entrepreneurs can be described as a rare product, less and less, the vast number of entrepreneurs are also in the content because of various problems, according to the display knowledge of the Internet investment institutions – Beijing Yu Tai CISCO Technology Co. Ltd. survey, mainly in the following aspects:

first, entrepreneurial goals fuzzy

a lot of reticulocyte not clear focus, the "content" in the first place, and the business on the second; second is a thought that is too simple, click rate determines the quality of the product, it will cause the early pioneering heart change, the profit in the first place, while ignoring the rules of the market. This is a reasonable industry

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