VC, cheat, cheat cheat partners of employees, low forced entrepreneurship collection by deceptive me

Abstract: entrepreneurs flicker investors, in addition to project fraud, there may be team fraud, personal information (education, experience) fraud, etc..

venture circle, you fooled me, I fooled you abound.

VC will cheat entrepreneurs idea and data, then their competitors also support or simply their own venture into the sea.

also has entrepreneurs for their own development and financing, investors, partners, employees took great pains to flicker.

this article focuses on the latter.

entrepreneurs flicker investors

single brush, brush brush list, and exaggerated false data valuation, the amount of financing which is often the case, a friend and founder and CEO Dai Chunping has issued a document to expose the truth of the industry.

most of the entrepreneurs who need to do these things are mainly trying to fool the money to finance.

do electricity supplier is now mostly short package brush single, cost point brush orders data;

do App brush is the main brush to brush big data, the production of a large number of downloads, the illusion of a large number of users;

from the media, such as the public number, buy fake powder, brush reading, so that advertisers, investors to invest money.

these do not belong to any industry insider.

a comparison of Low entrepreneurs will continue to use these means:

they don’t pay attention to their own development and construction products, do not pay attention to the user experience, but every day with these words, many times for every investor so repeat.

but with a bit of experience, calm people are very easy to see.

electricity supplier to do a single brush, such as Taobao sellers, you go to look at their baby evaluation, store traffic with the volume of contrast, you can know a five or six.

if you have any way to get more data from the platform, such as store monitoring computer user machine code, serial number, MAC address, IP address range of memory data analysis, you can almost determine whether there is a brushless single.

App, the entrepreneur will excitedly login three party data backstage data report to you


data report is perfect, tens of thousands of people live on the month to reach 70%.

but when you look closely you can see a lot of things that don’t make sense.

For example, a

data type, millet 2, but the resolution is 800× 480, five random data serial number query, showed a copycat machine.

this is obviously a simulation of the user’s brush behavior.

myself I met an entrepreneur, he said he wanted to raise the application of private equity raised App, but the early is to do WeChat >

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