DG vice president of the Army top VC favor what kind of entrepreneurs

written in front: in April 26th, 36 krypton do a line in Hangzhou that will, in line with the spirit of sharing, we are also in order to make up for the "denial" of the audience, we decided to live guest speech to share with readers more dry cargo, this is the first. Guests floor army, said the landlord, vice president of IDG capital, IDG is also in charge of the office in Hangzhou. He is very sincere to share with you some of his personal views.

learning ability is the first ability of entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs must have a pattern of view and a strong learning ability.

what do you mean, for example, last year, IDG voted to do a sea Amoy C2C platform project, the founder of the former is to help his wife do sea Amoy purchasing. His wife is a purchasing buyer, earn good, one can sell 889, mainly some fmcg. But in the process he found that, in fact, there are many pain purchasing point. For example, in the circle of friends to share things to sell, the data can not be accumulated. In addition, WeChat has a variety of content, the ecosystem is not designed specifically for the sale of things. He was thinking, other buyers do purchasing, is not to have the same problem?

so, if there is a place, can put the underlying environment better, to provide more tools to help buyers better sellers, can not help the industry to a higher level. He is in the process, has been thinking about these issues, that is, I said the pattern to improve the. In the beginning, when we cast an entrepreneur, he may not be very strong, but he has been in the process of thinking and upgrading. Such entrepreneurs, compared to those who have accumulated in the old before thinking, the accumulation of things used in the current product entrepreneurs, there will be more potential to make things more valuable.

I define learning ability as intelligence, not cleverness. Entrepreneurs face uncertainty every day in the future, the leader must have the ability to deal with uncertain, or tolerance. A good entrepreneur, is in the uncertain circumstances, to do a relatively high success rate decision. He made the decision will not be one hundred percent successful, there must be many failures the middle way is fast, trial and error, end quickly come to a right way up, this is a good entrepreneur to do.

investors in fact is the case, but also in the face of an undetermined project, a relatively high success rate of investment decisions. Because investors understand the nature of a company’s situation, it can be said that only 30% of the cattle will be on the 40%, in this case it is necessary to decide whether to vote it.

more interesting is that I have about half a year to IDG, and before Ali capital compared, there is a big difference. Ali most of the past is to look at the growth of the project, and most of the early IDG look at the project. What is an early project? It’s really a person holding a idea, and then we’re on

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