Engaged in the beauty industry dozens of models of 020 models of entrepreneurship

engaged in the beauty industry for decades in favor of 020 models like Europe signed quanmei industry

"Ms. Li has thirteen years of experience in beauty, and a strong personal ability." Before I met Ms. Lee, brand investment adviser song manager told me.

July 27, 2015, the European quanmei industry ushered in the franchisee lee. Listening to her tone of the Northeast flavor, can not help but evoke

where Ms. Lee had a curious heart. After understanding, the original front of Ms. Li from Tianjin, I saw her in the long hair, sign face, every twinkle and smile, give people a warm feeling. Ms. Lee and eventually to join European quanmei’s beauty brand, Odie + Bath shop.

"I am from the Internet to your attention in Europe quanmei industry. Now the development of the society, although work hard in the community for many years, but still want to use the powerful backing of brand to join the company as their shop, so they can rely on, less to worry about! Can also be more likely to succeed." Ms. Lee said.

listening to Ms. Lee’s words, her wisdom, wisdom and strong so that all the people feel positive energy. She said that she probably began to rub into the beauty of this industry in 2000, then by virtue of their favorite, after the accumulation of a year of experience, they want to open the idea of a beauty salon. But at that time was unanimously opposed by the family, that the beauty salon is a high risk of things, coupled with their relatively small, so that their beauty dream was blocked. With the passage of time, in their own insistence, gradually won the consent of the family. Thus, Ms. Lee’s insistence on beauty and dedication!

"I’ve joined the other brands, and for a long time, but due to the company system before and their ideas have a certain deviation, but also affected the development of their own store. Because I have done so long beauty, these negative factors also make their own beauty salon is facing difficulties in reducing the tourists, they gave up to continue to join the company." Ms. Lee continued, in this re select the brand is more cautious than before. After comparing the three similar brands, or finally decided to work with your company."

asked the European industry which point to us Chuen Lee is the most attractive when she said, very satisfied with their brand consultant teacher’s service, every time is described in detail, gives people a sense of security. No matter where you have confused, can get the teacher’s guidance, and the teacher feel very congenial. Coupled with the king for their own company with WeChat platform to promote and support the O2O model, but also for the successful opening of their own beauty salon laid the foundation.

it is understood that Ms. Lee is the two beauty salon owner, the first beauty salon in the township, and the branch is in the downtown area, near the existing commercial area and residential area, a total area of about ninety square meters. She hoped that in their own efforts, as well as the company

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