Hungry story finale sponsor OR a brief dream of grandeur


hungry once, the sudden fame temporarily masked the prosperity under the bubble, now the cycle of "financing burn – escape takeaway refinancing, hungry market share growth far less than the burn rate, competition for takeaway O2O platform independent development more and more. If hungry at this stage to Jingdong at home, then will face their own brand dilution, lost the advantage of obliterate all ending, this is obviously not want to see Zhang Xuhao. It will continue to burn in a circle, unable to extricate themselves, hungry is in a nice hobble. Even if you are hungry to integrate into the Jingdong home, there are also the following problems: with the consumption frequency of Jingdong users, consumption habits and spending power does not match.

every story has an ending.

in the face of "young upstart entrepreneurs aura, after several years of repeated financing burn, hungry and finally to a conventional ending. Recently, the popular social media news, Jingdong has started to negotiate the acquisition of hungry related matters, the acquisition will have two forms: one is Deng Tianzhuo will be hungry CEO, the hungry businesses into the home Jingdong, gradually dilute the hungry and put their own brand, hungry users into washing the Jingdong at home, the BOD team to push the team recruitment retention, no longer allowed, waiting for their fall; the other possibility is for the annexation by "cash + convertible".

dilute the brand, push over, at the start of the last return to a messy myth. Perhaps, this is the ultimate fate of many struggling entrepreneurs in the O2O wave. But is it really possible to be hungry,


once hungry was incorporated into the home Jingdong, listed previously had made a mockery of rhetoric, but backed by a tree can jump out of the vicious circle of money — refinancing financing — ". Although depend on others, rather than continue to gamble capital always on tenterhooks.

if the rumor is not real, the acquisition to become a bubble, is bound to affect the development of confidence of investors hungry Mody, lacking in funds to explore the market today, a staggering run hungry is surrounded by smoke, caught in the dilemma.

depend on others, or hungry, a brief dream of grandeur, how to choose


why do you want to refinance


as a light mode to enter the market O2O website, hungry in the first two years after the entrepreneurial stage, the development of a combination of weight. In 2011 and 2013, hungry respectively received two rounds of millions of dollars in financing, then enter the burn enclosure stage.

in November 2013, it was hungry to get from China, Chinese, Sequoia Jingwei Jinsha River venture capital invested $25 million C round, half a year later, in May 2014, the public comment on the $80 million investment to get hungry 16% stake. At that time, hungry, let out the words: hungry it will be backed by public comment, resist other >

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