The three hurdle facing the nternet business

is the entrepreneurial spirit is commendable, but if not the Internet three banks market, users, competitors, will die ugly.

Zhang Yonghong


, associate professor of Fudan University, a partner of Shanghai Jie China management consulting company

in our country, any one of the industry once included in the government agenda, it means that the rapid development of the period.

This year,

NPC and CPPCC press conference, Prime Minister Li Keqiang said: "in" extremely elegant and valuable for Internet plus "on the air, will make Chinese economy fly." "Internet plus" implies the following logic: any economic activity + Internet can gain vitality.

‘s words such as the arm, not only let the noise of the Internet will be more enthusiastic, also make the entrepreneurs increasingly frenzied excitement. Entrepreneurs are adventurers, the Internet is holy gold, you can imagine, the field of Internet is full of opportunities, will usher in the tide of national entrepreneurship.

, however, the Internet is not the first wave of business history. Every wave of the past, the results are the same: very successful, with the loser. In the 20 years of the Internet industry is even more so: achieves guku million. Although the entrepreneurial spirit is commendable, but if not the Internet three banks market, users, competitors, will die ugly.

the first hurdle: "money king" market.

trend trend is the air outlet, the hurricane. Choose a promising industry, business opportunities for success doubled. "Internet plus" hurricane outlet, the transformation and upgrading of existing in the Chinese economy, existing in the traditional industries of the Internet.

in the demographic dividend and dividend policy after the retreat of the air, a large number of manufacturing enterprises have become a fall pig. The Internet penetration hope in Union, "Internet plus" – to become an important way to create the transformation of manufacturing. BAT and other Internet companies in fast history proved that the new economic power, now, these emerging giants are speeding up to erode the traditional industry. They put into vertical sites, large companies and the line combined with the Internet industry wide, the wind quietly blowing.

for any business, regardless of online and offline, O2O will become the industry’s new normal. Line constructed mature business loop — a massive user, payment system, credit system, promotion model, big data, logistics system, so that the Internet giant has become the next line of business a strong competitor, and forced enterprises to develop the line line, when the competition to cooperation, the new blue ocean began to appear.

Internet entrepreneurs, combined with the line, combined with traditional industries, combined with BAT, combined with various types of their own, are new money into the direction.

The second hurdle: the user just needs


‘s sole purpose is to create customers. Any product and service from customer needs. Customer first, customer is God’s saying in traditional business

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