The main factors and solutions for low traffic on personal websites

often on the Internet to see personal website owners complain about their station, Baidu included too little, traffic can’t get up. But you have to see it for herself? Do not know the site of your friends and I have the same situation, in the day to see the N statistics, N advertising revenue, so time in the look in the passage, but also often to people who complain about lack of time. I’m in that state right now. I don’t know if I’m suffering from a website depression ~_~

in view of the above, I have come up with the following solution:

1, draw up a work plan, do not make the station as a kind of entertainment, as a job to treat, only you pay more, harvest can more. Of course, if you just want to play what is another matter.

2, more emphasis on the content of the site updates, pay particular attention to the user’s experience, you can put yourself in a visitor’s point of view to analyze their own web site problems. For example, I was doing a movie station can be analyzed from the following aspects, visitors after seek to find the film site update is fast enough, the problem of access speed and so on. You can also invite your friends to visit and give yourself more comments. After all, everyone has different views on the issue. If you are not willing to do your own station, how can you ask others to like your station?.

do stand you, there is no unearned thing! Above is my personal point of view have different experience, welcome to discuss my QQ:575666680

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