Take a look at the giants who were forced to do poineering work like you have any reason to complain

Abstract: start on the road in the hesitation confused, feel lucky entrepreneurs through this group of old photographs to see Lenovo, Google, apple, Alibaba these big companies venture initially bitter way. Do you suddenly feel that you are not so miserable?.

a person do a few people live; no weekends; do not leave; overtime is normal, work on time is the exception; does not make the phone; do PPT…… this is a lot of entrepreneurs normal. Perhaps outsiders, this is torture. But for a dream a hot blooded youth, this is more like a practice.

in the way of hesitation on the road, feel that they are not lucky entrepreneurs, through this group of old photos to look at Lenovo, Google, apple, Alibaba, the start-up of these big companies forced to look like. Do you suddenly feel that you are not so miserable? Believe that your suffering will light up your way and everything will be all right.

Lenovo: zhuandashi out

international company


1984, Liu Chuanzhi led the 10 Chinese computer science and technology personnel to start a business in the old Chinese Academy of Sciences zhuandashi. They predict that PC will change people’s working lives before most people. 200 thousand yuan for holding the Institute of computing investment than the start-up capital, the 11 researchers have started this a long road of entrepreneurship will research results into the determination of successful product. They named the young company legend". The janitor came out of the entrepreneurial team are destined to become a legend.

HUAWEI: simple room + warehouse combination


In the early days of

, the earliest HUAWEI office is located at two shelters on the Gulf of Shenzhen. In 1987, there was a great company in the building that was virtually every warehouse. At that time, HUAWEI occupied more than and 10 warehouses. In the warehouse at the other end of the wall with bricks and mortar, and then separated by a number of single rooms, these rooms are HUAWEI’s staff quarters. Look at you now, much better than them.

Tencent: dance room hatched out of international Penguin


in 1998, the first office of the international Penguin company was one of the easiest dance rooms, or borrowed from friends. The dancing room hanging on 80s swept the "disco" headlight ball, until the end, just moved to seg. In fact, the dance classroom is very good ah, tired of working overtime can dance disco and relax mood, than now more cubicle.

Alibaba: Ma Ma office is


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