Blog era is about to go, SNS boom is approaching

SNS recently to play crazy, bathe refresh in the 5gsns, that afternoon to take a taxi to see "SRS" tired and boring day fall into a reverie, turning the favorites, SNS once again aroused my enthusiasm.

from the first blog to the present in the Chinese blog, do not know how long, the name change from the blog Chinese rather baffling and revision after no attention, in recent years, the establishment of their own independent personal blog, also for the N blog. A few years ago when the blog concept in the domestic spread hot, bigshots launched blog platform, from the oblog blog system after the birth of the blog hosting platform is no longer known to monopolize the world, many individual owners and organizations have launched their own blog, they all have their own theme, start the enclosure movement and gurus, to draw the user.

But when BSP

, the development of very influential, has encountered many bottlenecks in the development, after the user management, profit, policy and legal issues, and some small BSP began to feel breathless, illegal information, daily spam, how to profit, net monitoring warning, after the baptism, some directly some failures, linger alive.

now, it seems that blog is not as hot as it used to be, and blog doesn’t appear as real life as before, but the impact of blog on China’s Internet is really indelible. Many new elements are represented by the extension of blog.

, when big names invest heavily in Facebook, many of us may not yet be able to understand what kind of network community he is, and perhaps a deeper explanation. Roughly with the concept of sns.

today, bigshots began the enclosure movement, several well-known domestic SNS websites, such as school, 5GSNS, home, together, happy, such as ants, their different theme, I believe we all know them, although the theme is different, but the same, difference is the biggest difference between users, I have all day global 5g, because the user is almost all it workers, there is also no elite, grassroots level limits, you can become friends with their boss, share their successful experience, but also can learn their technology, with the technical elite for entertainment, home, together, happy, ant, I choose it can be a. Anyway, it’s fun. It’s the same everywhere.

recently released UCenter Home, Comsenz which may, in turn is a popular revolution, the protagonist SNS will no longer only known, there will be more people involved in the SNS enclosure movement, as a personal webmaster and small organizations can go the other way, players are not circle circle or circle not to the land or to be shared.

himself is also in the ring, a circle of a city, though it is one

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