90 entrepreneurs do not suffer like old drivers are increasingly welcomed by investors

Abstract: one of the problems with middle-aged entrepreneurs is how long they are willing to work after they sell their company. Steve ·, Yang said: "the acquirer bought your expertise, they want you to stay in the company." After Microsoft’s acquisition of Entropic, he worked at Microsoft for two years.

"Financial Times" published an article said that in the digital industry, middle-aged entrepreneurs are increasingly welcomed by investors. These entrepreneurs experience and contacts more abundant, while similar to the age of investors, easier communication.

entrepreneur Steve · (Steve Young) at the age of 63 to get his latest venture capital. As a part-time professor of University of Cambridge, information engineering professional Steve · Yang wants to he founded the voice of artificial Intelligent Company VocalIQ financing, while his partner is University of Cambridge research team in a 31 year old young man.

June 2014, they successfully financing 750 thousand pounds (about $933 thousand). They quickly returned to investors: in October 2015, the company was acquired by apple.

due to the longer working hours, looking for work more and more difficult, middle-aged people are increasingly keen to start their own business. Massachusetts College Babson entrepreneurship Professor Donald · Keri (Donna Kelley) said that in less developed economies, the number of jobs under the condition of less, this phenomenon is particularly evident.

by Keri to participate in the organization’s 2015 Global Entrepreneurship tracking survey shows that in less developed countries, 17% of entrepreneurs aged from 55 to 64 years old, with a similar proportion of entrepreneurs aged from 18 to 24. In addition, 21% of entrepreneurs aged from 45 to 54.

Steve ·, Yang said that the age of entrepreneurs is growing, because in the field of computer, mechanical engineering and robotics, only in time to accumulate some experience after the possibility of entrepreneurship. However, older digital industry entrepreneurs often require younger partners to promote the completion of the project.

"I don’t think that investors will enjoy similar rock style (all of the founders are over 60 years of age). Our concept of marketing, I experienced a few years, and my young colleague blaisse · Thomsen (Blaise Thomson) full of vitality."

Keri said that entrepreneurship can make middle-aged people to become their own boss, do what you like. This creates a source of income for those who are not yet ready to retire. Their choice of employment is very narrow, it is difficult to achieve the level of income in the past".


, a British angel investor Peter Cowley (· Peter Cowley) said that age may be thawing >

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