Adhere to the world without applause, where is the road

from 06 years do standing, ups and downs, ups and downs, do site time although not long, but all the webmaster can taste the hardships, I may have tasted. But the dawn of success is very weak, there is no direction to find, I completely lost! Once, once insisted in the absence of applause in the world, the webmaster of the road go from here?


before and after only 2 stations are all difficult to forum forum, said maintenance, this is not false, especially professional forum, to do is really hard, constantly updated, looking for moderators, improve the system, regulate disputes, to observe "the people", the chain increased, activities… The… Fortunately, I compare this person (I think), hard things will work, once the sink, we must do.

good method, coupled with non-stop attempts, the two forums are more successful. But hard behind but not for the rich harvest, because the forum advertising has not been good (don’t know? Brothers), in addition to advertising revenue monthly advertising alliance, pitiful, professional forum attachment a lot, motionless that dozens of G, the high cost of space. The alliance’s revenues barely support the server’s running costs.

now my age is not small, the university after graduation to stay in Guangdong for more than 2 months to go home, work hard to find, even to find a job treatment. Big one time, our PE teacher for the first class we said: now the era of undergraduates as dog master, doctoral students can only run the streets, shake! At that time not to regard it as right, looking back on it now, although this sentence can not reflect the exact situation, but now I have a clear understanding of in this world, in fact more pedant knowledge for nothing! Life is relying on courage, diligence and direction of


sadly, I now have the courage, the diligence, and the lack of direction. Made a new forum: the forum die, every day in the update, but more than a month later, Baidu has no reaction, do a lot of propaganda, even has done a lot, only to do Links, but I have friends in the forum for free of advertising this link, before it is effective, but has no effect on this forum, GG has found recorded my more than 1000 post, Baidu know also to publicity, but rarely, if attention, post are added to the feeds, YAHOO knowledge hall and asked Sina to do answer the link, the forum also do outside the chain, can be said to have used the address is the exhaust all the skills!, a brother can help to give you a hint, indebted forever again and again, to no return has begun to let me feel confused.

anyway, life is still going on. I’ll stick to my own way. Friends who are interested in communicating can add my QQ.

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