From 2014 to the end website the business really is impetuous heart

2014, the electricity supplier fakes, mobile end MLM micro business…… All kinds of information, advertising bigwigs in the expansion, emerge in an endless stream, the little guy who continue to follow up in emerging industries, are afraid of "backwardness beaten", but left a stagger, right stick bartack is the lowest quality strategy.


2014 several typical website failure case tells us that the only way of marketing gimmick, good words, and then ride on the crest of the flying pig, no content will still fall lousy.

rice network: no investor cares, self innovation, failure,

2014 April, the rice network was found to have been dismissed and declared bankrupt, and the company was reportedly closed in August 2013. On-line Fantong from 2003 to 2008, the founder of Zang force, after the acquisition of world restaurant for the first time in venture capital, Fantong never had any investor’s favor, one hand is a huge impact brought by group purchase into the food and beverage industry, one is unable to part on the old model of self possession, Fantong lost so quietly.

ladder network, that a good network of online education: a typical failure

2013 November ladder online line, only in 2014 September to support the team because of a shortage of funds and lack of profit model and announced the dissolution of well network in 2014 July on the line is only survived for two months. The founder of the two online education website is Gong Haiyan, online education ladder network main, to exam oriented education, free mode, and the direction, but with the broken capital chain, ladder network finally defeated in the ideal, lack of combat experience, to cater to the needs of users and profit from ".

The good interactive

network aims to build online education platform still live, eventually because there is no profit nor development mode, plus investment and online education must maintain the stable development of the internal contradictions, with online education bubble worries emerge lost.

night travel network: mode blocked,

at the beginning of September 2014, thousands of night tourism web page display full stop. Thus, in 2013 March launched the online travel website thousands of night tourism website life, although have a very influential team founder: former director of Google technology, di Shuo served as Microsoft, Baidu and other designers, senior project management experts of domestic UI/UE design industry veteran design expert Cao Yu and Lenovo in the 10 years of work, has many years of investment analysis and project management experience of Feng Yu, has also been constantly trial and error, vertical market segments after location mode has repeatedly blocked.

thousands of night tourism websites may have failed early equity misallocation of factors, but the essential reason of failure mode is blocked, it is difficult to reconcile with the service content not the user demand, profit and demand between.

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