Witkey is not synonymous with bitchy

Witkey this industry, after experiencing the initial market understanding period, now should say that entered the development period. At this stage, there will be a large number of industry problems exposed, and if Witkey site can not promptly put forward effective solutions, it will soon be eliminated. This stage is also the stage in which each Witkey website re shuffle and redistribute the benefits. In the next 3-5 years, a batch of "dead" will come out".

so, at present, what are the main problems in Witkey websites?

(a) labor is low, become "bitchy" group

ordinary advertising companies generally receive a logo, the price is 5000-10000 yuan, Witkey website general price is 500-1000, which undoubtedly has an impact on the traditional advertising industry. So there are a lot of people waiting to grab the hundreds of pieces, although the proportion of part-time, but certainly a little mean that, if the fusion Witkey industry and traditional industry is not very good, so it is unfavorable for its own development. The price competition has become a self, saying "cheap" also do not leave.

(two) Witkey interests are not protected,

1 A salesman received B customer’s single (5000 yuan), not to bring back to do the company, secretly do it yourself. Oneself have no ability to do, seek witkey.

2 A salesman will put all the requirements of B customers on Witkey network, offering a reward of 1000 yuan.

3, then the good Witkey work to the customer to see, customer satisfaction even became, not satisfied, then let those Witkey help A salesman to change into.

4 A salesman to register a Witkey C, just do a work. Bidding for the project is also ongoing. Is (registered a designer identity, C, submitted works), and then A salesman as a delivery, the project was sold to C. Is to give the project to yourself.

5 reward money 1000, back to the Witkey network 200. Take 800 back. That means you don’t have to do any technical work or invite anyone, so it’s easy to get into your pocket with 4800 dollars,


6, if you want to ask, the reward is not high, there is no good design. Then add a reward, anyway, the money will also take


process is the interests of those who are deprived of? The most direct opinion Witkey is a disadvantage, but they do not lose Witkey? May lose more, without a reputation in the Internet industry is not a place to live in! Witkey is feeding the dog with cut off his arm! "/p>

I think this is Witkey an urgent problem now! Who can come up with an effective solution, can start on the competition in the future.

(three) Witkey mode single

Witkey, according to the author’s understanding, Witkey is nothing more than a business model, but this model is definitely not

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