Why are government websites so vulnerable

today opened A5, a Puning County of Yunnan province government website was hacked "article again back into view, the entire site someone wrote" push ups, soy sauce, hide and seek, martial arts three Juexue! ", the cause seems to be" Jinning County man Li Qiaoming was detained because of illegal felling of trees in the detention center, followed by a sudden death, the authorities said it was because the prison in the detention center in the "peek-a-boo" game and accidental injury, because of unreasonable, it was announced, the parties have been generally questioned immediately." Let’s not say why, but the government website is hacked. It seems that it’s not the two time,

is not a report in February this year, the Haikou municipal government website suspected malicious horse was 09 years in February, said some people use the Trojan invasion by government website pop-up ads make HeiXinQian! Do not say first why hackers frequently take the government website operation, just ask the government website really do so, the government cannot withstand a single blow! Website "nervous" why so fragile?

at present, our government website security management and preventive measures are weak, vulnerable to hacker attacks. It is understood that most of the website without intrusion detection, authentication and encryption system, as long as the use of hacking scanning technology to scan, you will find that there are many security vulnerabilities, no security, vulnerable to attack. The government website is vulnerable to attack, because the government does not pay enough attention to the website, not with a lack of professional and technical personnel of the day-to-day maintenance of the website or professional and technical personnel, but not always upgrade such protective measures, the result became the "naked", and easy to be attacked, even to the point where even the black – a contemptuous disregard.

just point to open a government website, we usually see the solemn national emblem, the red bulletin. The government website design in general are very serious, the atmosphere, do not let users visit awestruck. However, in this dignified appearance behind, the site security tools are often "mentally handicapped" beyond the imagination, and some even audit records are not. In many cities, especially in the county level, the site is often a few people understand the computer to make a web page, even if the implementation of the "government online project", regardless of security work. Some government websites even used free stations, even the initial password is the administrator password. Such government websites are like paper windows. Needless to say, professional hackers, even those who know a little bit of the source code, can easily enter the background of government websites and tamper with government website information at will.


government website represents the image of the government, which, in principle, should be authoritative and dynamic. However, the internal management of many government websites is very lax, not only in the slow and timely information update, but also in the daily inspection and inspection, there are also many loopholes. The content of these government websites has been fixed for a long time, and managers are indifferent to it. This will certainly give hackers a chance to use it. What makes us laugh is that many government websites have been attacked and web pages were tampered with

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