The Li Xiang review business for 16 years to write this 20000 words of Scripture

from 2000 Li Xiang registered bubble network, to the creation of the car in the home of the year, and then to retire as chairman of the board of directors of shareholders in 16 years, so that in the past years, so that the experience of many of the Li Xiang in 2005.

experience a: the user is always the most important

first introduced from my own, after 80 entrepreneurs. I really touch the computer is from the beginning of a high school, in fact, can not afford to buy a computer at home, so I basically from the first to the third day, bought all the newspapers and magazines on the market, it is constantly watching.

Gao bought the first computer, when the first computer about 8000 dollars, Pentium 133. After I bought the computer, I found that these newspapers and magazines are very unreliable, I always thought that these editors and writers, are right. When I really touch the computer, they found 90% write shit.

so the first thing I did, I wrote the most popular article on the market style, how to choose the computer, select the display card, write such a thing. Was lucky, my first article was cast, "computer information" published the full text, for a full page, and basically did not change. That was when I was in the first high income, about 600 dollars. Then I kept writing, write very much.

time to about half of the dial, BBS (Fido net) to pop up, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. To the second year of high school, began to have a personal website, but also to the internet. I apply for their own personal website, called the graphics home, because at that time the most 3D display card fire. At that time, I ranked first in the port of information, there is a competitor ranked second. The second, who became my partner, fan zheng.

to the third year, when the Internet bubble is the most serious. It’s easy to make money, and the ads on the site show more than 10 thousand dollars a month. Plus I paid a month. Nearly 20 thousand of the income, than my mom and my dad added up to more than 10 times.

to the third year I face a difficult choice, whether the college entrance examination. Convincing parents is not difficult, my parents graduated from the Central Academy of drama, unlike their parents around the same special hope that children go to college. On the other hand, the money I sent to my parents every month, because I go to college, and ultimately to make money, or to find a job. They also feel that this is a good opportunity, than I actually hope to go to college, may go to college, this opportunity was lost.

want to go back, when I do, why would the visiting rate than others. In fact, it is particularly simple, I found all the sites in the user access time (Ling Chen), no update. But we are the Internet in the morning, because at that time the first speed fast, second is cheap Internet access. At that time I was with them

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