Webmasters are not the key to success

people often say "attitude decides success or failure, the details of everything", grew up listening to these words often grow up, listen to the teacher to correct learning attitude, but also did not tell us the details of everything "". Also often hear some people say, looking for job interview, because of some details and be shut out of the job. Some people, some details, even affected his life.

also said that success is not to stick at trifles, not rigidly adhere to the form. People’s energy is limited, it is impossible to do everything in detail. It is impossible to put time on small matters. As long as the direction is correct, you don’t have to care too much about details.

webmaster are very familiar with the cnzz, is an excellent independent third party data statistics and analysis service provider, over the years on the data statistics, always adhere to functional innovation. Stationmaster net admin5.com article "CNZZ: detail decides quality", in meeting the statistical demand of user, ensure data stability and safety at the same time. For the innovation and optimization of product function, we firmly believe that nothing is trivial, simple is not easy, and the small thing is fine, so that we can do things well. Cnzz this spirit, by the majority of webmaster welcome. Details determine quality, is a manifestation of corporate culture, but as a grassroots webmaster, details are really the key to the success of the site


grassroots webmaster personal website is mostly in the initial stage of web development, has not formed scale, website development is less, to team development, mostly single handedly. If you pay too much attention to detail, every suggestion is accepted and it may not be able to form its own characteristics. Do IT industry, in the face of many users, can not fully meet the needs of each user. The website can only form its own features first and display its features in front of the user, so that users can choose. If the user likes it, it will stay. Dream river thinks, pay attention to detail, should be in the website has formed a certain scale, have certain strength foundation, this stage of the site needs to constantly improve, the user experience is more and more important.

some people say that the details determine success or failure, life is so, do stand even more so. But too delicate, but limit the development of the site, just like a person’s emotion is too delicate, but not happy, because to worry about everything. Any website can not face all users, can only meet the needs of a group. The site only needs to consider the advice of this group and make some changes and adjustments. There is no need to do everything.

details of the grasp and handling of the station embodies the mentality of the station, in the fierce competition, only good details, in order to win users. There’s nothing wrong with that, but on the basis that the site has not been decided yet, the details are not perfect. Just as a country is not strong, a person is great, capable and uncomfortable to respect other people. Only the website is powerful, the attention of detail has practical significance. Tianya forum, is not to stick at trifles representative, it also won by.

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