Huoqiu agricultural firms in Anhui just 16 months of life died

in the process of economic development, many local banks. But due to many reasons of itself, lead to mismanagement, thus facing the situation of put up the shutters. Anhui Huoqiu rural commercial bank non-performing loans, interest loans accounted for close to 20% mark, the overall decline in profitability indicators, hidden in the financial system in capillaries many rural commercial banks, is being ushered in difficult times.

is located in the central region of Huoqiu, Anhui agricultural firm is such a sample. According to data previously disclosed by the bank, as of the end of 2015, non-performing loans, the total amount of loans concerned, has accounted for about 17.7% of the bank’s loan balance over the same period. Meanwhile, the bank’s operating income, interest income and other indicators have fallen sharply, as the main source of income, the bank’s interest income in 2015 fell 25%, commission and fee income is a loss of $7 million 210 thousand.

however, the example of Huoqiu agricultural firm is not uncommon. Similarly in the central Jiangxi, as well as coastal developed areas of Shandong, a similar situation. Earlier, in 2013, Jiangsu, a farm business operating profit or even a loss.

"agricultural firm operating conditions are not good, there are their own reasons, but also talent, historical legacy and operating environment factors." The banking industry to the first financial daily correspondent analysis, if the focus of bad loans, business environment continues to deteriorate, the situation will be even worse in many agricultural firms. To change this situation, for this plan, only from their own management, business level to seek a breakthrough.

bad, concern loans accounted for close to 18%

2015 report information disclosure published

Huoqiu agricultural firm on display before, at the end of last year, the bank non-performing loans totaled 232 million yuan, up 91 million 926 thousand and 300 yuan more than last year; non-performing loan ratio reached 4.64%, an increase of 1.4 percentage points.

according to the information disclosure report data, Huoqiu rural commercial bank non-performing loans mainly from doubtful loans, as of the balance at the end of last year was 198 million yuan, in the total loans accounted for about 3.96%; followed by subprime loans, amounted to 34 million 60 thousand yuan, accounting for about 0.68%, while the loss class loan balance is zero.

Huoqiu agricultural firm is a young agricultural firm. The bank was founded in March 2015, is located in the western region of Lu’an, Anhui, is a county agricultural firms. At the end of last year, the registered capital of 432 million yuan, with a total of 53 branches, 561 employees, total assets of 9 billion 571 million yuan, deposit and loan balance of 8 billion 690 million yuan, 4 billion 990 million yuan, Huoqiu is the largest local banking financial institutions.

Huoqiu agricultural firms in the case of full recommendation

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