Supporting services tend to be more market

are aware of the food and beverage industry is not likely to lose their jobs, so many people will be involved in the catering business, open a restaurant to open a restaurant has become a lot of people choose. As everyone knows, the industry competition is very fierce, a careless, would be burned. In fact, we might as well change a train of thought, do some of the current hot market business supporting services, often the market is good oh.

is one of my best friends and have a hand to do Braised pork in brown sauce skills, he considered the restaurant too much credit, business, turn off the hotel, opened a deli, designed to provide processed food for the hotel. He operates a variety of special, there are braised pork, ribs, meatballs, peanuts, beef, etc., as long as the hotel needs cooked everything. Because he cooked fresh food, reasonable price, so the market is particularly good, dozens of restaurants in the county are purchased from his Deli, many residents also to his shop when entertaining guests.

coincidentally, a neighboring county township is rich in citrus, citrus export to about 30000000 kilograms per year, to participate in the purchase and sale of orange agent more than 2 thousand. There is a strict surname of the farmers, did not go with the flow of brokers, but to find a bad – selling fruit box. Because he knows that a large number of export citrus except some plastic bags, most should be packed in cardboard boxes, so he specially from the field and ordered a batch of special bins, but also sell some grass curtain, business is booming, the annual profit 30 thousand yuan. Idle and earn money.

money can not always be the traditional thinking, we also need to change according to the market. The above two examples tell us a truth, when everyone looked at a business to make money, you must not blindly follow the trend, to provide supporting services for the corresponding business. This is not only a small risk, but also relatively easy to make money.

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