Wang Jianlin refused on the Spring Festival Gala will sing it

not long ago, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin at the company’s annual meeting. Sing, sing rock, lead users point of praise. Some people even said that Wang Jianlin should be on the Spring Festival Gala performances. Wang Jianlin recently in an interview made it clear that the refusal of the Spring Festival Gala, entrepreneurs do not grab someone else’s job.


however, by millions of netizens called for the monkey spring festival, is also a good voice roar rock, ring for diehard powder "National Father Wang Jianlin, what feelings? When put this question to him," the National Father Wang Jianlin sincerely said: thanks for the thick love, thank you all of his own rock singing recognition, it can bring us happiness, he is also very happy.

however, launched 1 weeks ago, "if Wang Jianlin on the show to sing rock you support?" vote, just a few days time, voters will be close to one million and five hundred thousand, of which nearly 82% of users said Wang Jianlin quite completely dead monkey year CCTV Spring Festival Gala: "National Father Wang Jianlin dare to dare to sing. Keep waiting to hear! There are 14% users support the" National Father Wang Jianlin "but not" national husband Wang Sicong: if the CCTV Spring Festival Gala to bring your son Cong

that is best!

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