A shop on the former chairman Yu Gang venture shares zall development

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Yan Zhiqi, Hubei’s richest man under the North Hankou international commodity trading center, the amount of up to about 40000000000 yuan a year line transactions. To join, hoping the three platform to solve the entity market trading online, supply chain finance and logistics and distribution problems, eventually get through a comprehensive commodity trading platform can be replicated nationwide online and offline, in order to achieve more profit.

reporter Chen Hongxia

intern reporter Cui Xicheng Wuhan reported

will sell shop No. 1 stake to WAL-MART after its founder in just then start to the wholesale market "Internet plus".

August 18th, twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter was informed that in just as zall Development Group Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as zall, 02098.HK) chairman of the joint board of directors.

previously, he personally invested $20 million to participate in the actual control of Hubei’s richest man Yan Zhi zall development will increase, after the completion of the subscription, the shareholding ratio reached 1.5%, becoming the second largest shareholder. In August 6th, zall development has announced the news.

after joining one drug network, just as in selection of zall development business again in second areas, "zall development has set up a mature platform for the next line," 18 days, just in the media conference, said publicly that, as a traditional main wholesale market business, the next line transactions the amount of last year has reached 42 billion yuan, and now the company has started the transformation of the Internet, will play its advantage line on the line, he was optimistic about the market choose to join.

The same day

, chairman of the board of directors Yan Zhi said the development of the drow, to join, will together with their overall responsibility for the company’s Internet transformation. The company recently launched plans to include three platforms cloud. Currently, the platform in the commissioning, is expected to be the fastest in September -10 month trial run.

As for the

in just the injection, zall said, will be used to expand e-commerce, Internet banking, logistics information and data services.

in just new layout

in July this year, just announced the resignation of chairman of the 1 shop. At the same time, the company’s co-founder and CEO Liu Junling also left the same period, which means that WAL-MART fully take the number 1 shop.

Since then,

has just become the focus of market attention. In early August, just a high-profile comeback to founder and chairman attended one drug network in North China operations center signing ceremony, announced to one drug network. Just foreign said it would start the second venture.

and shop No. 1 is different, just chose a multi-point layout. He chose the commercial real estate enterprises in Hubei zall development to the outside world, some accidents. Just to explain, he and the chairman of the board of directors Yan Zhitong Thatcher for large alumni, many meet at various meetings and alumni, have certain recognition of each other’s character. Today.

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