Who will pay for your failure

since it is a business there will be success and failure of points, then we failed to do poineering work? Why do we fail? Is there anyone who pays for our entrepreneurial failure? This series of problems are entrepreneurs in a pimple.

but I still can not get the venture investors, and there is no new customers come in. In the end, I ran out of my savings and had to go back to earning a living, even though my family was faced with a lot of economic problems and had to make ends meet for months.

and I often ask yourself these questions:

·   you can solve the problem, the user will pay for it?

·   how many people have similar problems, how can you find them?

·   how long does it take to solve this problem, how much does it cost?

don’t visit this digital blind, only turnover is meaningful. Do not use advertising model. A user is willing to pay the product is the most critical.

so entrepreneurship is worth admiring things, but the failure of this society is that no one will pay for you, you need to pick up the business situation, so in this way, may be a gamble, but had to go.


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