How to investigate the sustainability of the project

how to be able to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, we need to consider from a number of aspects, so as to really have a good business opportunity. For investors, not easy to choose a project, certainly hope to be able to compare long time business, to bring their own benefits, therefore, investors also need to examine the sustainability of the project operation,

content includes:

1, the operation of the project is standardized, including the code of conduct and regulations.

code of conduct: whether there is a unified internal and external signs, the flow of the process is standardized, the process is standardized, the service process is standardized, etc.. Whether to join the unified standardized training, training time, training project, party not to provide a unified operation manual, service manual, manual management, training manuals, code compilation is standard, whether feasible, is easy to perform, if not confusing.

2, to escort, distribution equipment is complete, is advanced, whether there is a unified distribution center, how the quality of personnel management, distribution, distribution center can timely response to franchisee requirements, distribution of raw materials is often scarce, the price is reasonable, whether the distribution is constantly changing.

some projects at a small fee, the profits are all placed in the late distribution of materials, this is normal, but with investors more and more investment, has been unable to get away easily, the project price in the random distribution of raw materials, the price is more and more high, a more demanding, so that the franchisee produced blackmail feeling. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear the distribution price with the project party, and to prepare the contract for the various possible situations and possible treatment, the possible loss and the claim.

there is a project side does not give you the distribution, you need the raw material is easy to find yourself, then, for such projects must be vigilant. This shows that the threshold of this project is very low, the possibility of being busy at the end of the big, may have to face the situation of competition flooding. Generally such projects, the lack of sustainable development potential.

any one of the investors can not stand the efforts of their own hard work, just to get a little success, but because the project is not sustainable, resulting in their early efforts were all in vain. So, if you want to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, sustainability is a lack of research content.

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