Eight ways to open the door window shop to sell high prices

Home Furnishing in today’s life, the door is an important element, it acts as a protector of the people Home Furnishing life, and now runs the doors and windows of the company more and more, want win in the fierce competition in the market, you need to use your head.

1, the use of the value of the product itself

can only sell 800 yuan

if you will just be a regular door, on the general store, with ordinary sales methods, perhaps it can only sell 800 yuan of money, may also encounter a shop next door to the boss cut strokes off the dark strokes, this is not a tragic ending value innovation.

2, the cultural value of selling products

can sell 1000 yuan

if you design it as the latest fashion door this year, can sell 1000 yuan. The next shop proprietress old style door cut strokes off the dark strokes estimation can’t make, because your door is one of the most popular models, at the latest model, consumers are willing to pay more, this is the product of the value of innovative design.

3, the brand value of the product to sell

will be able to sell 2400 yuan

4, the combined value of selling products

sold 9000 yuan

if you will fit into the three door door to sell, all made of exquisite shape, combined into a bedroom suite, 1000, 3000, 6000, the name of "family", a bedroom door, a door, and a sliding door, selling 20000 yuan a group of no problem. Although the owner of the shop next door only sell 1000 yuan / one, but his wife will say to her husband: "we go to buy a set of ‘bedroom warm and exquisite suit’ door is good to see this set of doors, with a door, the top recommended

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