Jiangxi officially published in the University of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Series

is a positive response to innovation and entrepreneurship, the day before the official publication of the Jiangxi university entrepreneurship education textbook series, to cultivate and inspire the innovation of college students "awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability.

is the first public textbook consists of three volumes, more than 120 words, namely "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (for College), "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (applicable to higher vocational colleges) and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship "classic case tutorial". Adhere to the teaching materials for the province’s colleges and universities, for all professional, for all students orientation, to cultivate and stimulate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and innovation ability as the goal, focus on the latest achievements reflect domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education theory research and practice development, the latest case and mining at home and abroad of innovation and entrepreneurship education model, core concept, well-known figures, typical events and other aspects, respond well to the teachers and students in Colleges and universities of "scientific, advanced and applicable" characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching needs and expectations.

this set of teaching materials from planning, research, to promote the official publication, which lasted nearly a year, the cohesion of the province’s 97 colleges and universities, more than 100 experts and scholars of wisdom and strength. According to the Commission Office arrangements, from the beginning of June 2015, the provincial education department inspector Zhou Jintang Professor, researcher led the working group of higher education, college graduates employment office, Jiangxi University Press and other relevant units to participate in the meeting, has more than 30 undergraduate and vocational colleges field research, held a forum of experts will determine the construction of public textbooks and the school-based textbooks combining general textbooks and teaching materials, teaching materials and complementary theory of case teaching integrates multiple teaching system "and" double "teaching material construction ideas. From the beginning of August 2015, the expert group after repeated demonstration, five drafts the textbook outline, and more than six months after the division of the writing, closed centralized release, compiled and published this 2016 spring public trial version textbooks.

Jiangxi is the first province in the first batch of University Entrepreneurship Education in the country launched a series of textbooks, actively respond to the wave of reform and innovation, will deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, but also provide strong guidance for the innovation of the province, students.

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