Share in 2015 to make money seven industries

want to join the entrepreneurial industry to understand the current hot industry, in order to "targeted" to find their own investment projects. So what are the areas of money worth investing in 2015? There are seven major industries.

2015 investment opportunities to get rich? As the economic development of the full year of the government work report this year, urbanization, new energy, networking, health, agricultural modernization and other areas to focus on planning, which contains a number of business opportunities?

challenges: 1) need to cross sectoral and cross sectoral, cross system between integration and interaction. 2) need a lot of investment, financing is a big challenge.

2, Internet of things

Gartner predicts that by 2020, the direct revenue of the Internet of things will reach $309 billion, most of them from the service.

3, big health industry

Industry segments

4, clean energy

Market: $1 trillion

2015 will increase the effective investment of public goods, including: clean energy, traditional industrial technology transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection and ecological construction projects.

China as an agricultural country, straw waste materials such as rich resources.

data show that there are 60% crop straw can be used for energy purposes, about 2.1 tons of standard coal.

5, high-speed rail going out

: market exceeded 400 billion yuan


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